Small group courses

Do you prefer to exercise in small groups? Do you want to make your abdominal muscles burn? Or do you want circuit training for the whole body? Our small group courses are perfect for you! Experience small group courses in the training area or at the functional tower and let yourself be motivated by others. You'll be encouraged to give your best performance! Our trainers are there, motivating you to conquer your weaker self and improve week by week. The focus is always on proper execution. You won't need to do nothing but participate and have fun! Do you want to combine functional training with abdominal training? Then try the “Functional Bauchkiller” (functional abdominal training)!

From a short 15-minute workout to a 45-minute whole-body circuit training, everything is possible.

UNIFIT course members have the opportunity to purchase an exclusive "10- day-card small group courses" for the use of the small group courses. Get more information at our info point!

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