Trainer und Frau bei Pesonaltraining

Personal Training

More fitness - More health – More exercise

How often do you plan to do more for your health? Do yo want to be more active? Exercise more? Eat better? It is easy to say - and now, with a personal trainer, it is easy to do!

With your personal trainer, you will actually feel your progress. You will experience success and have more fun exercising. Little by little, you will discover the strength inside of you. That strength will radiate into your everyday life!

More fitness: Do you want to increase your personal performance in terms of strength and endurance? Here at UNIFIT, we focus on you and your goals! Do you finally want to lose weight in your problem zones or improve your posture? We will carry out an individualized strength and endurance program with you, all while advising you on your diet.

More health: Perhaps you have back problems and are looking for suitable exercises to strengthen your trunk and back. We offer you physical therapy to treat illnesses or as rehabilitative follow-up training. Do you simply want to maintain your health? We will carry out a training session with you that is tailored to your needs.

Higher performance: Train like the professionals! Functional training with medicine balls, kettlebells, TRX, Bulgarian Bags and much more. Get familiar with bodyweight exercises or use our equipment facility and the free weight area.

Our personal trainers at UNIFIT offer you these possibilities!
Have we sufficiently aroused your interest? Let us advise you on site - free of charge!

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