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In addition to our wide range of training and course offers, UNIFIT also has other offers that guarantee fun, relaxation, and an elevated sense of well-being.


We offer free childcare for both course participants and users of the training area. During your visit to UNIFIT your children are supervised by a caring and competent team in a bright, friendly and child-oriented environment.

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What could be more pleasant than enjoying a sauna after a strenuous workout?

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Our squash court can be booked hourly by every client. A membership is not necessary.

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Regenerate faster with a pleasant massage and regain new strength for your daily life and workout.

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Fitness bar

We offer a big range of healthy and delicious drinks as well as protein bars and energy bars that support your workout.

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Nutritition counseling

The perfect diet for your training!

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Myofasziales Taping

You see the colorful stripes on shoulders, arms and legs more often as before as well as in competitive sports and in mass sports. Support your body from the outside with myofascial taping.

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