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Myofascial taping

You've likely seen the colorful stripes on the shoulders, arms and legs of athletes in competitive sports and professional sports. Support your body from the outside with the same myofascial taping!

Scientific studies show that tensions and pain of the musculoskeletal system are often caused by fasciae (muscle sheaths) rather than by the muscle itself. This is an important part of the workout that you are likely to forget. Myofascial taping is a revolutionary, unique and highly effective taping method. Specific techniques for applying the tape cause those tense and sore muscles to loosen and return to their normal function.

Effects of myofascial taping:
• Increase in maximal strength
• Increase in elasticity
• Increase in regenerative capacity
• Increase in athletic performance
• Improvement and easement of movement patterns
• Improvement of proprioception
• Prevention of injuries

The myofascial taping method of Markus Erhard (Physio Training Academy) at UNIFIT is offered by our skilled trainers and health care professionals. Applying the tapes is not done for medical or therapeutic reasons but to improve athletic performance and daily capability.

Each tape costs only 12,- Euro! You can find more information at the info point or from our qualified team of trainers.

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