Frau wird massiert


Regenerate faster with a pleasant massage and regain new strength for your daily life and your next workout!

After an exhausting training session, sitting at the office or in the lecture hall can cause a lot of tension. With too much stress in our everyday life, this tenison can appear again and again. Don't let that affect your mood - treat yourself with a pleasant massage.

Massage supports regeneration and loosens the muscles to help ypu break your current personal records. A massage can be attuned individually to your goals and requirements. Shoulder, neck, back or leg massage, we have whatever's right for you!

You can choose any duration between 20 and 60 minutes.


20min10 €15 €18 €
30min15 €22 €25 €
40min20 €30 €36 €
60min30 €44 €50 €
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