We want to protect you and ourselves in the best possible way! In order for the training to be as pleasant as possible for everyone, it is important to consider a few rules and general information. On this page you will find everything that is important for your next UNIFIT visit. Please also note the different access rights to UNIFIT.


Before your visit to UNIFIT, please note the necessary access requirements regarding your test and vaccination status around the Corona virus. You can find the detailed requirements on these pages.

Wearing a mask (FFP2 or medical) is mandatory in UNIFIT. The mask can only be removed at the individual training device or spot. Likewise, the mask must be worn whenever the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, such as during an appointment with a trainer. Please bring your own mask to every UNIFIT visit.

Before entering UNIFIT, all members must disinfect their hands. After training on a piece of equipment, the person training must disinfect it independently. Also after using a locker in the locker room, it must be disinfected independently. UNIFIT staff will monitor compliance with the rules to ensure the safety of all.

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters applies throughout the UNIFIT. Floor markings and notices are used to clarify movement areas and changed walking routes. The training equipment is arranged in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained.



The training area is completely ventilated by opening the windows every two hours. In addition, ceiling fans are used.

All members are requested to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. All persons in the studio must observe the general precautionary instructions of the BZgA, the so-called "cough etiquette" for protection against infection. This includes, for example: coughing / sneezing into the crook of your arm, not touching your face and not rubbing your eyes. The exact instructions can be found in the form of notices in UNIFIT.

Access into UNIFIT is not permitted for persons with symptoms of the common cold, persons currently ill with Covid-19, or persons who have been in contact with persons ill with Covid-19 in the past 14 days.

Bringing your own towel, which covers the entire body during training, is mandatory for each trainee.

The Fruttibar is currently open. Please bring your own drinking vessel, as we cannot provide glasses for hygienic reasons. The purchase of closed drink bottles is also possible.

As a thank you for your loyalty during the first lockdown, the Fruttibar can be used for free in July and August 2021!


The maximum number of members training at UNIFIT at the same time is limited. On our homepage you can see via a traffic light system what the current capacities are.

The maximum training time is two hours per training session.

Showering and change of clothes in the locker rooms is possible again. To maintain the minimum distance, the number of people in the locker rooms at the same time is limited.

Up to three people are allowed to be in the sauna and take a sauna at the same time.

Childcare will remain closed for the time being. Childcare space will be temporarily used as an expanded training space.

Please pay preferably only with EC card.

Currently, outdoor fitness classes are held at the UNISPORT outdoor facility. Indoor courses may also take place again. The number of participants is limited.

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