FAQ: Reopening in May 2021

1.   When can I train at UNIFIT?
→   We are happy to welcome you at UNIFIT with extended opening hours from now on.

2.   Will UNIFIT now remain open permanently? Where can I find out about current changes?
→   We are still subject to the regulations of the federal government as well as the state government of RLP. The permanent opening of UNIFIT depends on the general developments in the coming weeks and months. We always provide the latest information for you via our homepage as well as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we are available for individual questions by phone at 0631 205-5005. Write us an email at infopoint(at)hochschulsport.uni-kl.de or give us a call, we are happy to be there for you.

3.   Are all areas of UNIFIT open?
→   Except for the childcare area, which serves as an extended training area at the moment, all UNIFIT areas are currently open and usable. In addition, you will find our outdoor gym behind the childcare area, where you can also train outdoors on individual pieces of equipment. Please always pay attention to the regulations that apply to each area, for example, regarding restrictions on people.

4.   Do I have to register for training?
→   No registration is currently required for equipment training. Nevertheless, the number of members training at the same time is limited for the time being. You can view the free capacities via the capacity utilization system on our homepage, which is always kept up to date.

5.   Where do courses currently take place?
→   Courses are currently held both in the UNIFIT classrooms and on the UNISPORT outdoor facility. You can find the current course program and course registration on these pages. Course registration is also possible on site at UNIFIT.

6.   What is actually going on with my Bring-A-Friend subscription or my Fruttibar subscription?
→   You can use your Bring-A-Friend subscription again from August 2021. The debit will be made at the end of the month for the corresponding month. The Fruttibar and the Fruttibar subscription can be used again immediately. As a thank you for your loyalty during the first lockdown, the Fruttibar can be used for free in July and August 2021!

7.   What do I have to pay attention to before and during my visit to UNIFIT?
→   Please make sure that you wear a mask (FFP2 or medical) when you enter UNIFIT and until you arrive at your training place. In addition, we ask you to disinfect your hands at the appropriate dispensers when entering the UNIFIT.

In addition, Persons are eligible for access if they:

  • have a current, negative Corona test. The test must not be older than 24 hours and must be confirmed by an official document. A self quick test on site or the statement of an existing negative test result cannot be accepted. It is possible to take a test on site at the DRK test center (learning tent). Book an appointment
  • have received full protection against a Corona infection by vaccination (proof required). This takes effect from the 15th day after the last necessary single vaccination of the respective vaccine. In addition, besides full vaccination protection, there must be no active Corona symptoms.
  • be considered as recovered from Corona. This requires the positive result of a PCR (or other official) Corona test. This result must be at least 28 days old and maximum 6 months ago. In addition, there must be no active corona symptoms.

Participants in the outdoor fitness classes are not required to have a Corona test.

In addition, registration via INTAKE is required when visiting UNIFIT in order to ensure contact tracing if necessary.

8.   What is "Intake" and why do I have to register before the training?
→   UNIFIT is part of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK). Intake is the contact tracking system of the TUK. In case of a Covid19 infection in one of the trainees, the list of contacts is generated by the administrator of the web app and passed on to the health department. Please register once on the homepage and bring your QR code to the info point during check-in and check-out.

9.   I am a member of UNIFIT and have not paid dues during the temporary closure period. What will happen to my membership and payment of dues?
→    Unless you request a time-out (see question 11) or your membership ends, your membership fee will be debited again. The debit for one month takes place at the beginning of the following month. In the event of another temporary closure, only the fees for the days on which UNIFIT was open in the corresponding month will be debited on a pro rata basis per month.

10.   Not all areas in UNIFIT are fully usable again yet. Do I still have to pay my full fee?
→   In compliance with current hygiene regulations, we are striving to provide you with a safe training and course concept. Unfortunately, some areas must therefore remain completely or partially closed until further notice. We offer you the possibility to pause your membership during the months of June and July. Usually the request for a break has to be submitted by the 15th of the previous month. Please let us know by mid-June by sending an e-mail to infopoint(at)hochschulsport.uni-kl.de if you would like to take a break or time-out for the months of June and July. The contract period will be extended by the submitted period of time off.

11.   Will I be charged the full fee in the event of another temporary closure?
→   We are very anxious to accommodate you in such an exceptional situation as best as possible. Therefore, we will always debit the current month at the beginning of the following month. Example: The membership fee for June will not be debited in the first ten banking days of June as before, but only at the beginning of July. In the event of another temporary closure, we can thus ensure that you only pay your membership fee for the open days of a month.

12.   I have a 5 or 10 unit card for the live AT HOME classes that were held until last. What happens to the open units that I have not been able to use by the time UNIFIT reopens?
→   There are several options for the remaining units on your 5 or 10 unit card.
1. the units remain valid and you can use them, for example, if there is another temporary UNIFIT closure. In addition, the 5 or 10 unit cards are also available for course use (of any kind, e.g. also outdoor fitness courses) without any other UNIFIT membership.
2. you can use your 5 or 10 unit card for our on-demand offer, i.e. recorded online courses for individual use.
3. in addition, there is the possibility of a refund of the unused units of your 5 or 10 unit card. Please contact infopoint(at)hochschulsport.uni-kl.de for this purpose.

13.   I have another request that is not covered in the FAQs? What now?
→   You are always welcome to contact us for all your questions, special cases or other concerns. Just send email to infopoint(at)hochschulsport.uni-kl.de, call us at 0631 2055005 or come by the Infopoint in person. We are here for you!

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