Try UNIFIT for one month at the best price

Test the UNIFIT for a whole month - without obligation, without a contract and at the best price. In addition to a free trial training, you have the opportunity to get an intensive impression of the UNIFIT.

The trial month: non-binding, uncomplicated, fair

The start of the trial month is possible at any time. Simply register at the Infopoint and you're ready to go! The trial period is exactly one month from your first day.

After the trial period is over, no cancellation is necessary: The trial month does not automatically bind you to a contract, nor does it create any other hidden follow-up obligations.

Only if you decide to become a UNIFIT member after the trial month, you will sign a contract with UNIFIT.

Scope of service

For the duration of your trial month, you can use all the services included in a UNIFIT card. This includes the training area, the course area, the sauna and rest area as well as the offers of the UNISPORT basic card. Furthermore, the trial month includes two appointments with one of the UNIFIT trainers who will conduct a training planning with you.

For the non-binding trial month, you only pay the price that is normally only available as part of a 24-month UNIFIT membership:

  • Status Group A: 26,90 €
  • Status Group B: 36,90 €
  • Status Group C: 46,90 €

Status Group Finder

In addition, you will receive a transponder card for your check-in and the locker rooms for 5€. The price will be refunded to you when you take out a membership.

The use of the UNIFIT trial month is only possible once per person.

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