Dear UNIFIT members,

the temporary UNIFIT closing time 1 lasted from 03/16/2020 to 05/28/2020. Regarding the first Corona-related closure period, we would like to provide you with two selection options to compensate for the downtime of your training at UNIFIT.

1. Solidarity and support despite temporary closure, but 4-month free bring-a-friend after reopening
2. Time credit for the period of closure following the applicable contract term

Option 1: I support UNIFIT

The unusual situation requires all of us to socially distance and to maintain solidarity with our fellow human beings. If you have decided to support us by continuing to pay your membership fees despite UNIFIT’s temporary closure, we would like to thank you with the ability to bring a friend for four months, free of charge!

Option 2: I prefer a time credit

In compensation for the membership fees you've paid and your lost training time, we are offering you a time credit for the duration of UNIFIT's closure. This time credit allows you the free use of UNIFIT's facility and services for an equal duration. This time credit will be added to the end of your current contract term. To use the time credit, please inform us in writing after UNIFIT has reopened. An example of Option 2 can be found below.

You can find information on how to proceed in our FAQs.

As a thank you for your understanding, we would like to give all our members our drink flat offer for a period of 2 months after reopening!

We wish you and your families all the best. Take care of yourself and your fellow human beings and stay healthy!

Your UNIFIT team


Explanation regarding option 2:

On August 1st, 2019, Mr. Mustermann became a UNIFIT member for 12 months. The end of his contract term is July 31, 2020. He was affected by UNIFIT’s temporary closure during the COVID-19 pandemic (March 16 to May 28, 2020, i.e. two months and 13 days).

Mr. Mustermann would like to remain a member of UNIFIT. He informs the UNIFIT team in writing that he would like a time credit to compensate for the closure. The period of two months and 13 days is rounded down to two months. At the request of Mr. Mustermann, the remaining 13 days will be taken off the debiting of his next membership fee. (This must be done as the first day of a month is the only valid starting period for membership contracts.)

Before Mr. Mustermann's contract term is automatically extended by six months after July 31, 2020—due to his lack of termination, as stated in the contract—the time credit of two months included in option 2 will apply. Thus, Mr. Mustermann contract is now valid from 01.08.2020 to 30.09.2020 due to the time credit. No membership fees will be credited during this time. The new six-month contract period—automatically applied to his contract after July 31, 2020—will therefore start only on October 1, 2020. At the same time, Mr. Mustermann has adjusted the membership fee to compensate for the closure’s remaining 13 days.

- Original contract period: 01.08.2019 to 31.07.2020 (normal payment)
- COVID-related closure of UNIFIT: 16.03.2020 to 28.05.2020 (2 months and 13 days)
- Period of the compensatory time credit: 01.08.2020 to 30.09.2020 (2 months; no membership fee)
- The remaining 13 days are compensated for via a reduction of the membership fee during the next month's direct debit
- New six-month contract period: 01.10.2020 to 31.03.2021 (6 months, normal payment)
- Next possible contract end date: 31.03.2021

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