FAQ: Temporary UNIFIT closing time 2

1. What is the reason for the closure of UNIFIT?
→ Due to the decisions of the Federal Government and the State Ministers of 28.10.2020 and the follow-up decisions, UNIFIT must remain closed up to and including 30.05.2021.

2. Will the membership fees continue to be charged off?
→ No, the debit of membership fees is paused for the period of the temporary UNIFIT closing time 2.

3. How does the closure affect the duration of my contract?
→ Your membership continues as usual. The closure has no effect on your contract.

4. What happens to the time credit from the first UNIFIT closing time if UNIFIT is closed in the requested month?
→ Your time credit will automatically move backwards for the duration of the UNIFIT closing time 2.

5. I am a new member and have received one month free of charge during the UNIFIT closing time 2. How is this affected by the closure?
→ You will receive your free month in the month in which your contract period begins.

6. Can I cancel my contract due to the current situation?
→ Special cancellations outside the cancellation period are only valid in case of a change of residence or in case of an incapability of doing sports. If the distance of the new residence to UNISPORT is more than 30km, the current contract can be cancelled by presenting a current certificate of registration or change of residence from the new municipality which is not older than six months. In addition, a medically certified incapability of doing sports entitles to a special termination.

7. When will UNIFIT reopen?
→ Unifit has been open again since 31.05.2021.

8. May I borrow training equipment at UNIFIT?
→ Try to do your training with everyday objects! Exercises with your own body weight are also very effective. Unfortunately, you cannot borrow equipment from us.

9. May I use the UNISPORT outdoor area for training?
→ On the UNISPORT homepage we inform about the current possibilities and closures of the outdoor area.

10. Where can I get information about current changes?
→ You will find all current rearrangements and changes on our homepage and on our social media channels. You can also contact us by phone at 0631 205-5005 during our opening hours.

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