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We can give you more than 60 good reasons to train with something more than our machines. Our professionally instructed courses are included in the price of your membership. Jumping Fitness, Yoga, Cycling, Barbell Mix, Workout Mix - we have them all, and many more! Sports are better when they're done together. By the way, your health insurance subsidizes our special prevention courses.

Course Registration

You can register only ONCE for a given type of course (Cycling, Jumping Fitness, Barbell Workout...) within seven days (depending on availability; if there are open-spots). If spots are available, you can take part in a course without a registration. 

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Courses A-Z

Don't know whats behind the course title? Check out the description of the individual courses and find the right one for you!

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Course Schedule

Here you can see all courses in an overview.

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Kurse Plus (additional Courses)

The concept of KursePLUS is developed around the prevention of body ailments and also prenatal and postnatal fitness (e.g., pregnancy-workout, postpartum workout, etc).

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