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During pregnancy and childbirth, many muscle groups - especially the pelvic floor and also the abdominal muscles - are heavily strained.

A holistic workout awaits you during postnatal gymnastics. The focus of the course is on strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. You can actively prevent functional limitations such as bladder weakness and uterine prolapse. In addition to this, you also work on your general fitness and enhance your ability to relax. Take this great opportunity to become stronger again, to have fun while exercising together and to exchange ideas with other mothers.

Duration: 1 hour

Term: Once a week for ten weeks

Course start: If you are interested, please contact the Infopoint.

Charges: If you are covered by a statutory health insurance, there are no additional charges.  If you are privately insured, we recommend clearing the meeting of costs in advance.

Start: We recommend beginning with postnatal gymnastics six weeks after giving birth. If the birth was a cesarean cut, eight weeks after delivery and degeneration are recommended.

Childcare: In order that you can completely concentrate on yourself, there is the possibility to give your baby to our childcare. It is close to the course room. Due to current Corona regulations, childcare is closed until further notice.

If you are interested, register with the application form at the UNIFIT info point.

If you enjoy doing sports together, the UNIFIT course program offers optimal follow-up courses, such as, Pilates, spinal gymnastics, Workout Mix  and much more.

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