Fit with Baby

If you want to become fit again after giving birth and still want to have your baby close, Fit with Baby is the right course for you. The main part of the exercises will be carried out on a mat or while standing with the baby in a baby carrier. The exercises concentrate on the parts where it is especially required after pregnancy. The body will be consideratly strengthened in a thoughtful manner, especially training the pelvic floor and the back muscles. The cardiovascular system will be strengthened too. You can bring your own slings/baby carriers or borrow them from the trainer. A 10-day-card offers flexible timings and possibility of skipping classes based on your convenience.

 1 hour

Term: once a week for ten months

Appointment: If you are interested, please contact the Infopoint.

Charges: 10 units for € 79, staff of TUK pay € 69, students of TUK pay € 59.
Members of UNIFIT pay only half the price.

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