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Kurse Plus (additional Courses)

The concept of KursePLUS was developed around the prevention of body ailments, as well as prenatal and postnatal fitness (pregnancy workouts, postpartum workouts, etc).

Pilates for pregnant women

Meet the changes in pregnancy with new strenght and body control. Strenghten your body during pregnancy to stay physically fit.

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Fit with Baby

If you wish to engage in postpartum fitness while having your baby close to you, then Fit with Baby is the right course for you.

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Postnatal Gymnastics

During pregnancy, childbirth the body performs at it’s best. In order to regain your strength and become physically fit, a postnatal training course is the ideal opportunity. The little ones are well looked after in our childcare so that you can concentrate completely on yourself

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Prevention Courses

Prevention is always better than aftercare! Do something for your body and counteract everyday diseases. Whether with full-body interval training, back courses or Power Jumping Cross, there is something for everyone! Sign up and get your health insurance subsidised or even paid for in full!

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