mehrere Personen beim Zumba Tanz


ZUMBA® is a dance and fitness program inspired by the Latino lifestyle, featuring South American and international music and dance styles. A ZUMBA® class combines faster and slower rhythms and movements to achieve the best possible results in terms of calorie burning, endurance, and shaping and toning the figure. ZUMBA® classes are suitable for anyone without restriction because no previous dance experience is required.

ZUMBA® Step takes the Latin American-inspired dance party to the next level. It combines the effective training and strengthening exercises of a step aerobics class with the fun of a fitness party. It increases endurance and burns calories while strengthening the core and legs.

ZUMBA® Gold is suitable for dancers who want to take care of their joints. The class includes simple Zumba® choreography that focuses primarily on improving balance, range of motion and coordination.

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