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More and more people around the world are discovering yoga as a way to stay fit, to reduce stress, and prevent illness. Yoga helps to unite ones's mentality and physicality, creating a feeling of inner and outer balance.

Yoga Hatha: Tradition Vidya

We will learn about Yoga Vidya, a series of 12 classic yoga asanas with variations for beginners and advanced learners. This course also includes relaxation exercises, breathing exercises and concentration exercises. We recommend that participants do not eat heavy meals 1-2 hours beforehand, and that they wear comfortable clothes and warm socks.

Yoga: Power/ Sunrise/ Sunset

Wheter you like to begin the day the right way or to re-energize your body and mind after a long day, these classes harmonize yoga postures (or asanas) with hasic breathing techniques. The emphasis is not on relaxation, but rather on strengthening the body, improving concentration and coordination, and becoming more calm. Due to the courses rigorous stretching and strengthening, you will begin to feel your body in an intense way. We aim to help you discover your new body consciousness!

Yin Yoga:

These exercises are done in a passive way, without strength. This is done in order to reach the fasciae and the low-lying body parts. The body’s energy flow is quickened and balanced out. Flexibility improves, pain is reduced.

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