mehrere Personen bei Yoga Übung


Yoga is for everyone. You can attend our yoga classes anytime, no matter how many times you have practiced yoga. The point is that you find what helps you best.

The levels of our classes are not so much based on whether you already "know" something or not. It is not about easy or difficult, but about whether your body has already internalized the basic alignment that allows you to perform more complex movements in a healthy and comfortable way. So don't be afraid to try every level. There is no such thing as "too easy" in yoga. There is always something to do. Nor is it "too hard" if you listen to your body and independently reduce variations and take breaks. However, this demarcation is often not so easy, so an introduction via the Yoga 1 course is absolutely recommended.

In the Yoga 1 course, more emphasis is placed on working out technically and energetically cleanly aligned basic asanas (basic yoga exercises) and synchronization with breathing.

In the Yoga 1-2Intermediate courses, the asanas are fluidly connected and brought more and more into harmony with the deep yoga breathing. The emphasis is less on relaxation. The goal is rather to strengthen the body, concentration and coordination and to become more relaxed.

In the Yoga 2 course, the focus is more on the swinging side. Without losing sight of the alignment, the movements become more flowing and the asanas more complex.

Yin Yoga sets a counterpoint to all other active forms of exercise and also simply to our everyday life. In this yoga class, the exercises are performed passively, i.e. without force, so that the fascia and the deep-seated muscles are reached. The energy flow in the body is stimulated and balanced. Mobility is improved, pain is counteracted. Small meditations and breathing exercises round out this calm yoga practice.

Yoga Hatha:Tradition Vidya: Here the Yoga Vidya series is learned. A sequence of 12 classical yoga asanas with variations for beginners and advanced students, as well as relaxation, breathing and concentration exercises. Do not eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before the yoga class, bring warm socks and blanket if necessary.

In all cases, the journey is the goal. Not the achievement of some wacky final exercise, as it beams at you in all media, but the constant confrontation with yourself is the focus. And so, just when you think you "can't do it," yoga will probably be just the thing for you.

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