Cardio Workout

We offer a variety of workout classes with something for everyone.

Workout Mix is an effective, varied full-body workout that is very challenging due to the use of various aids such as dumbbells, tubes, exercise balls, etc. The workout mix is also a great way to improve your posture. Here the most important muscle groups of the body are strengthened, problem zones are tightened and thus in the long term the posture is improved, the well-being is strengthened and pain is counteracted. In the rhythm of the music and with the group, motivation and fun factor increase. Since each exercise can be performed at different levels of intensity, the courses are suitable for all training levels, from beginners to competitive athletes.

Interval Workout: Here, as in the Workout Mix, a whole-body workout is performed with various aids. The load time is indicated by intervals in the music. This course is also suitable for all training levels.

Cardio Workout: The focus of this course is the training of the cardiovascular system. Endurance exercises with your own body weight boost fat burning. From beginners to professionals - through the individual load regulation of the respective exercises by controlling the speed, everyone trains at the most effective level for themselves.

Power Workout is a very intense full-body interval training that improves endurance, coordination and strength. Because it places high demands on the body, it is only suitable for advanced participants who already have a few months of fitness experience. Powering up to the last minute is the motto here. In circuit training, participants perform a different exercise at each station; in station training, everyone has a fixed position and everyone trains simultaneously with the instructor.

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