mehrere Sportler bei Übungen


Jumping will quicken your pulse and train your cardiovascular system, helping you burn more calories. Your coordination will also be developed with different jumps. The music and group dynamic help add a certain degree of fun to this course. Participants decide how much energy they want to epend. That is why this course is open to anyone at every performance level.

Besides joint-friendly jump variations, a short balance unit is also part of the complete workout

Jumping-Workout: Endurance training on the trampoline is combined with strength exercises that utilize your own body weight, as well as small tools like weights, mats, and bands. It is the perfect full-body workout as all muscle groups are stimulated.

Jumping-Interval: This course offers an effective and functional training with interchanging load phases and recovery phases. It emplys a mixture of basic and interval phases in which endurance training and strength training are combined. The exercises in this course are performed on or next to a trampoline utilizing your own body weight. Tehere's also energizing music to keep you motivated.

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