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Jumping (Fitness, Power)

With jumping, you can get your heart rate up, train the cardiovascular system and burn calories. In addition, the various jumps to music also trains coordination and there is also a lot of fun. Everyone can decide for themselves how hard they want to work out, so the course is open to all levels of ability.

In addition to the jumping variations, which are easy on the joints, a short balance unit is also part of the workout to round off the training.

Jumping Fitness: In this course the jumping steps and the adjustment of the trampoline are explained in detail. Step and arm combinations on the trampoline make the Jumping Fitness course an optimal endurance workout for beginners and advanced athletes.

Power Jumping: In Jumping Power, the focus is on the more intense steps. Cardio steps are complemented by strengthening exercises. Since the focus of Power Jumping is more on choreographies, this course is mainly suitable for advanced jumpers.

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