zwei Sportler üben mit Langhanteln

Barbell Workout I/II/Cross

The barbell workout is a rhythmic full-body workout in a group setting. The fundamental goals of the barbell workout are improved confidence, ideal training effects and fun. The exercises are repeated over the course of three months, allowing participants to focus on their individual improvement.

Barbell Workout I
A pure strength endurance training that includes the fundamental exercises (deadlift, knee bends, lunges, etc.). This course is suitable for beginners and those with intermediate skills.

Barbell Workout II
A mixture of strength endurance and hypertrophy training, the fundamental exercises of this course are performed in different variations with new exercises occasionally added. This course is suitable for advanced participants (i.e. participants who have take part in the level I- class several times, who are experienced with free weights, who are familiar with basic technique and have the appropriate amount of stamina.

Barbell Workout Cross

This hypertrophy training gets your body into shape! This course includes short exercises with intense stimulation performed with additional weight. This ocurse is an interval training for advanced persons. Familiarity with basic techniques is required, as explanations are not as detailed as they would be in lower level classes. The training that takes place in this course is meant to be more efficient.

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